Thursday, November 11, 2004

Rules for first game prototype

Elliot Shields
Game design as art practice
Rules for first game prototype


The SFAI balance challenge is designed to test students ability to balance physical and mental abilities. The challenge is to compete for the best time over a course of physical and mental challenges. For this prototype there will be two physical stages and two mental stages.

Stage one is a mental test to decide who gets first pic in witch vehicle will transport them to the next stage. The first mental challenge is a simple IQ test contestants have 12 min. to complete. The test is online. When the test is finished, in the order of the best score first, contestants pic witch vehicle to use in the first physical stage. In the event of a tie, a three round game of rock scissors paper will be played to break it.

Stage two, the first physical stage. This stage will test players ability at balancing themselves on a skateboard on flat land. After the start signal contestants must maneuver through a set of obstacles as quickly as possible to the next stage. Contestants cannot intentionally push or interfere with each other for safety reasons. From stage two on contestants will be timed.

Stage three will once agen test mental abilities and contestants will be presented with a math test as soon as they finish stage two. Contestants can choose to answer as many questions as they wish but for each wrong answer 10 seconds will be subtracted from individuals finish time.

Stage four the final stage, is a physical test once agen using the skate board chosen at stage one. Stage two will most likely more challenging than stage two and will take place on more diverse terrain. Each contestant must cross the finish line with their chosen skateboard. The best time wins.


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