Monday, November 15, 2004

Response to play testing

Hey everybody,
I think the play testing has gone well. Everyone has had a interesting project to present, and the class hasn’t seemed to have much trouble staying involved. Its nice that everyone is keeping an open mind and having some laughs. Keeping the environment somewhat relaxed seems key. If the person presenting is nervous as hell its hard for them to make themselves clear. And if the testers and observes are able to speak openly about a game without to much pressure to do so, in-class feedback is a lot more sincere and most importantly honest. It seems when teachers end up dragging responses out of the students the rejoinder is usually confusing or just bullshit. If nobody has anything to say it’s a response. Fortunately I don’t think this has happened much in our class and a good amount of dialog has been exchanged during testing. Hope people are enjoying the games as much as I am, a big shout out to everyone who is actively taking part. See yall in class..


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