Thursday, November 11, 2004

Feed back for Greymundo

Hey Grey,
Yo I think Frisco Wars Has the potential of being a great board game.. a possible SF CLASSIC! Because its so much like risk and other great games, oh and how it allows one player to get all the guns and dominate HAHA! ~Naww, What I really dig about the game is that it is based on actual locations. By using real places in your game you entice players to buy into it. Players draw on personal knowledge of the locations and can immerse themselves deeper into their own fictional narratives based on the games events. For if the game is based on something or somewhere the player is familiar with the player can draw up on previous experience to better role play in the game.
The core mechanic of the game seems to be strategizing agenst the other players to dominate the map with your colored pieces, something most game players have experienced before. With the back story being san Francisco neighborhood street warfare, via the SF MUNI bus routs, Frisco Wars makes this common core mechanic attractive, especially for people acustom to San Francisco.
Something that might need some tweaking are the ratios between the number of game pieces and territories. when I was playing I was wondering how I was going to cover the 29 territories with 20 game pieces. Even though you can win by controlling the bus lines I like the possibility of seeing my color cover the map. I like the combat system but think its unnecessary to randomly distribute the cards and have players reveal them to each other. I think giving players random cards results in unnecessary player advantages, as in my case with the four gun cards. If each player has the same hand there is no reason to reveal their cards. Also as player hands get smaller during combat it would be easier to predict an opposing players next card selection. This could further engage the player and maybe even provide a reason for them to practice.
Over all I think the game was good fun, but I did get to Rep HP and the TL with four gats giving me a hefty advantage and maybe a biest perspective. The rules were organized well and straight forward but make sure they play out well, I wasn’t sure we got to explore them long enof in class to test out the new recruit deployment and non combat movement. Never the less I look forward to the final release. It would be really cool to see a finished product with a nice package full of original artwork. Like a box with cool depictions of SF hoods and gangstas as well as nicely printed uniform cards. You could also have themed game pieces signifying different fictional or real SF gangs or fractions. Anything to make the setup more detailed would be neeto, talk to me if you want some help.
~good luck! I know you’ll make us proud.


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