Friday, November 12, 2004

Feed back fo Jay

Feed Back for Jay~
Jay your live action Robotron is a great idea for a game. The prototype was a little… ehy not so fun. But I think the game has plenty of potential.
The game is human scale and what we played in the prototype would be categorized as a field game(played on the field platform).
Shooting and paced chasing seem to be the core mechanic. And to me these two things = fun as hell. Playing live action Robotron was not that great to playtest however. I would describe my experience playtesting as short and easy. I was able to kill all the robots in what felt like under 30 seconds. I think this was due to the fact that only the robots were subject to limiting the pace of their movement and I was moving and shooting hella fast all over the place.
Never the less it’s a game. A game that could be vastly improved by the adding a few elements. Most importantly boundaries, the game needs better boundaries, when I was playing I never could tell if I was out of bounds or not, and I think I jumped out a few times without anyone being able to tell. Imagine playing this in a racket ball court or something of the sort, stray nurf darts stuck to the walls, echoing sounds, and the best part someone up agenst a wall cornered by the robots. Consider multiple weapon types that can be picked up in game. Another important element I would suggest would be outlining a system of levels and maps. As a player advances through levels create more challenges like different kinds of robots, ones that can maybe even shoot back or take multiple hits. You could even think about providing better weapons for fighting more sophisticated or larger numbers of robots as a player progresses.
The best thing you got going would be the nerf guns, they seemed to work perty well. No one complained about getting hurt, wile firing the gun was accurate and effective(a hit was recognisable).
The rules for the prototype were outlined well(8), only maybe you could of included how to work the gun for shooting impaired people like Jacob.
I was able to develop a strategy wile playing, it was shoot as fast as I could accurately(not hard with the guns supplied) and move towards what I was shooting at and never go backwards.
For the final product lets see if you can involve some of the stuff I mentioned and maybe even a sound track.
good luck Jay!


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