Friday, October 22, 2004


Lauren-1st & 2nd
RULE #1:
Must be played on a rainy day in a muddy patch of land.
RULE #2:
In this muddy patch worms will be dug up and stored in baggy sweat pants.

No name-3rd & 4th
RULE #3:
The player wearing the paints w/ worms runs to a second location once he/she has collected 12 worms- and deposits worm to player two. (five second penalty to each lost worm)
RULE #4:
The second player of each team begins to eat worms.

No name- 5th & 6th ( but i think this one is from Jane )
RULE #5:
Players can plant their worms in other teams pile- if so, they dont have to eat them.

RULE #6:
The winner is the first team to get rid of all worms.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Rally racing

Automobile racing a sport involving racing automobiles on some kind of “track” was transformed and taken to a new level with the emergence of Rally racing. This took place when modified road cars, often based on turbocharged, four wheel drive versions of standard small cars were further modified for greater power and torque, fitted with rugged suspension, and let loose racing the clock on diverse roads; ranging from bitumen roads, to different consistencies of gravel or dirt, and even snow-covered. Another interesting emergence is that a rally course consists of a sequence of relatively short timed "special stages" where the actual competition takes place, and un-timed "transport stages" where the cars must be driven under their own power to the next competitive stage. Rally cars are thus unlike virtually any other top-line racing cars in that they retain the ability to run at normal driving speeds, and are registered for street travel.

The entertaining nature of racing cars was elevated with the emergence of rally racing because in most rallies the exact route of the rally often remains secret until race day. So because the drivers don't know exactly what's ahead, the lower traction on dirt roads, and the driving characteristics of small four-wheel-drive cars, the aesthetics are much less visibly smooth and repetitive than say Nascar circuit races. In rally racing drivers are regularly sending the car flying over bumps and sliding out of corners drawing massive spectator interest. Another attractive aspect of rallying would be the fact that the vehicles are in some cases closely related to road cars available on the consumer market.

Rally racing is a great example of Emergent Play in world of auto racing Because it emerged from a unforeseen set of obstacles. Taking cars off the smooth bitumen tracks built for high speeds to knurly off-road technical curses. Or other obstacles like endurance races such as the Paris Dakar Rally, a race with Vehicles in three major competitive classes; motorcycles, automobiles and trucks, all competing together, or the Plymouth-Dakar Challenge, which is restricted to vehicles which cost their owners less than GBP100, with GBP 15 allowed for "race" preparation. The cars in this race seem like they are mostly held together with duct tape. maybe I can do the something similar with skateboarding on the hills around the San Francisco Art institute, well see.


For my final game project I will most likely choose a specific site were the game will be carried out, categorizing it as site-specific. I am interested in the idea of making a game based on, or out of, a routine task or event. For I believe humans today find real world actions potentially boring until some element of the “lusory attitude” is applied. The lusory attitude being an arbitrary authority that serves to guide and direct play. I believe this because it seems everywhere I look people have created rules defining “magic circles” they play in. One of the largest and most noticeable seems to be religion, a game of “faith” in witch breaking the defined rules can result in unpleasant “afterlife”. another reason I think humans find the “real world” boring without using some “lusory attitude”, is I my self never found any recreation in such things as say walking home from school, without creating a game or fiction to the experience that could refresh and divert my mind out of the cold emptiness found in the realizations of infinite space and routine.
I am also interested in a game based on the race model: efficiently use the best path to cover a course in the minimum amount of time. I enjoy games with time based scoring because winning the game does not necessarily require the submission or defeat of another player. This is because if you do not have some one to race with you can always compete for a new, best time. My Ideas for the site of a race of some sort, involve at this point my personal rout home from school; exiting onto Jones, down to Francisco and Taylor via skateboard. What I think needs to be developed to make the game somewhat unique and more sophisticated is a sophisticated course. A curse that maybe includes obstacles that require more than just steering skill… any ideas?
A Race to cover a certain distance may be almost any length, and using any means stipulated by the rules of the race. Running a certain distance is the template of racing, but races are often conducted in vehicles, or on/with animals.

Monday, October 04, 2004

*The Love Parade the game*

The Love Parade the game!

Recruit girl/guy partner...
Get intoxicated..
Dance down the embarcadero…
Cross the draw bridge…
Regroup with that special some one once inside the cage at the end of the parade…
Initiate the game by kissing your partner(as long as you want)…
Accumulate points by successfully dancing and kissing as many other partners possible before parade is dispersed…
Game is lost if player does not end up sleeping with original partner…

This is a site specific game and relies on trust and the honor system.

Revised "Call to Duty" game review

Call to Duty
Developed by Infinity Ward,
published by Activision,
played on PC platform

I cant get enof of this game, when I sit down to play it I can be held in place attentively until someone (aka Calvin) can no longer take me sweating up the keyboard and yelling and screaming "!$&*(@*&%! I died aggen!". But then agen I get that way with most well made first person shooter video games. Call to duty(referred to as COD) pulls together many of the best aspects of other similar games. It includes all sorts of little "wish-list items" that I have loathed for in other older WW2 shooter games. The result is, not exactly everything I have always wanted, But dam close to it.
For starters Call of Duty features some of the most complex and detailed environments I have encountered in a shooter, aside from Doom3 of course. But were, in my opinion, COD really pulls away from Doom3 in its depth of interaction is the realism. In Doom3 sure you can shoot everything to shit and watch it explode and spill all over the place in a highly detailed and interactive setting. Its just that it takes place in a totally fictional set of boundaries; when you set off explosives in a space station on mars chances are the party would be over in seconds for you as well as the bad guys. So when you play the game your not really using real world rational based on your life experience; like don’t shoot the walls or explosive materials because you might cause a collapse in the vacuum you need to breath and so on, this makes its harder to really put your self in the cinematic moment as the “actor” so to speak. Games I find my self spending the most time and energy in, are the games that I can efficiently translate my knowledge of the physical world I have spent all my time on the planet collecting into the digital via the controller.
Now in Call to Duty there is plenty of unrealistic stuff happening, and of course something’s are not precisely accounted for. like for example when you get hit in the leg you don’t limp and go slower, this is something still on my wish list of features to see. But there is plenty of progress that is to be accounted for. Such as a new verity of terrain effects one can inflict (there could still could be a lot more). The fun and more sophisticated single player AI, witch isn’t that smart but much more organized and vastly improved from games like Meddle of Honor; a parallel predecessor of COD published by EA which was primarily constructed by many of designers and programmers who make up Infinity Ward, those responsible for COD. Or the way cool disorientation effects that occur when caught too close to stunning explosions; when mortar fire comes screeching overhead and falls just close enof not to kill your character, he is knocked to the ground, your screen becomes blurry, in game sounds become muffled, and you loose mouse sensitivity… (the only other game I have seen similar effects effectively used is in Grand theft auto, during its simulation of drunk driving). And I cant forget the ability to see from the perspective of the player who “got you” the moment after the death dealing blow during multi-player mode. Even with these great innovations, as far as the actual game play goes, serious first person vets have seen a lot of it before.
So what makes this one of my new personal favorites is the amazingly balanced and detailed architecture of the levels. When engaged in heated multiplayer combat with up to around 30 other human players across a vast map full of detailed and intricate models of battle scared period architecture, the ability to be well fortified and kill without being scene allows players dish out their own reciprocal change with startling realism.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

i need a new computer......

Because my 1998 I Mac lacks sufficient memory to have three programs running simultaneously and have multiple windows open, it has successfully crashed devastating my attempt to catch up and redeem my self by keeping up with my posts... (i lost an entire log, i will use word first for now on)
Call it procrastination karma.
Can you help me?