Sunday, September 26, 2004

Playing "Call To Duty"...

call to duty
Developd by Infinity Ward,
published by activision,
played on PC platform

I cant get enof of this game, when i sit down to play it i can be held in place attentivly until someone (aka calvin) can no loinger take me yelling and screaming "!$&*(@*&%! i died agen!". But then agen i get that way with most well made first person shooter video games with... multi-player. Call to duty pulls together many of the best aspects of other similar games. it include s all sorts of little "wish-list items" that i have loathed for in other older games. The result is, not exactly everything ive always wanted, But dam close to it. (more to come...).

Monday, September 20, 2004

hand held free fall

Sky Diver
published by Nokia
cell phone platform

A quick loading game that emulates the experence of sky diving is detailed and fun, for a cell phone game. With multiple objectives and some what detailed controlls, competing for the highest score is stimulating. Wile taking up 44kb of space on my cell phone memory the game also has surprisingly detailed graphics and effects. Spinning your sky diving icon on its decent the goal is to pass through a series of rings and make a clean landing. Effectivly stearing throught the rings wile dealing with wind conditions, your rate of fall, and stalls this game can be challanging. With bounis rounds, changing conditions, and complex scoreing this game is great for quick stimulation of the brain any place you take your cell phone.

Review of an Exquisite game

The Exquisite corps:
I have been playing this game since i was a small child, and it has never grown old. Every time the paper is folded something stimulating and unexpected is the result. With only one fundamental guideline and the endless possible input the human mind can offer this game has infinite replay value and a rewarding final product.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


what am i doing ?

I was interested in taking game design as art practice this semester because I like games. But out of all the wonderful games out there I especially enjoy ones that involve me performing complex representations of things I have a hard time doing in the physical world, such as flying warplanes, shooting people, controlling civilizations, driving really fast cars really fast, etc… Why I want to act out these scenarios is a large hard question I cant quite give a good answer for. I do know once I am engaged in these scenarios virtually I am sometimes kept intensely captivated for what I would consider large portions of my life, for staring at some kind of screen or monitor.
I cant remember precisely when my intense addiction to video games first started, but I can remember a few games I invested a lot of time into: The Mario brothers series(who didn’t?), double dragon, super dodge ball, Zelda, hellcats, Tetris(only because it came with the first system I ever owned, game boy and it was the only game I had for a wile), skate or die, skate or die “bad n rad”, twisted metal, civilization, SU-21, flight simulator, a-10 attack, final fantasy 7(took me 73hours to beet), tekken, clay fighters, GOLDEN EYE a game that made me think I was in a movie and with 4 player capabilities I played for an unimaginable amount of time, perfect dark, anything from the meddle of honor series, counter strike, day of defeat, WW2 flight simulator, close combat, HALO, any GRAND THEFT AUTO(still play for hours on end would say have mastered), grand turismo, Tony hawk pro skater, Kelly slaters pro surfer, and so so many more…
I am amazed and interested by the new capabilities of online and LAN game play and love outdoing humans instead of AI. Also realism attracts me most to games. As far as artistic goals related to this class I would love to be part of a game design team some day, specifically in the area of environmental design